21 Day Fix Snack Ideas

21 DF Snack Ideas

I love snacks. Taking little bites of delicious food just makes me happy. However, what we choose to snack on can make or break our healthy diet. When you’re on the go it’s so easy to just grab that little bag of sun chips or douse some ranch dressing on carrots and call it a day. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 21 Day Fix – approved snacks to take the guessing out of snacking 🙂 Enjoy these guilt-free snacks!

Green (Vegetables)

Baby carrots
Grape Tomatoes
Homemade Kale chips

If you’d like a dip for your raw veggies try a homemade greek yogurt Tzatiki dip (red) or hummus (blue). Or make little chopped veggie salad and top with a bit of balsamic vinegar and black pepper (free).

Purple (Fruits)

½ Banana

Red (Protein)

Two hard boiled eggs
Plain yogurt (Regular or Greek)

Try adding fruit (purple), cinnamon (free) and unsweetened coconut shreds (orange) on your yogurt to make a parfait.

Blue (Healthy fats & cheeses)

12 almonds
8 cashews
20 pistachios (my favorite!)
String cheese/Cheese stick

Yellow (Starch/grain/Treat)

Whole grain crackers
Brown rice cakes
Homemade pop corn

Try adding 2 tsp of your favorite nut butter and sprinkle cinnamon on crackers and rice cake. Add pumpkin seeds (orange) to your popcorn for some added flavor.

Happy Snacking!


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